Money Transfer

Money Transfer

The Bank of Baghdad offers bank transfer service that enables you to send and receive money easily and conveniently through correspondent banks in most countries of the world.

Sending transfers

You can send local or foreign bank transfers by filling out the form for issuing transfers, which is available in all branches of the Bank. To ensure that your transfer application is promptly processed, you should ensure that you include all the required details in the transfer.

  • Full name of the applicant without any initials.
  • Address of the applicant (street name - building number - city - country - nearest point of reference).
  • The information of the beneficiary bank of the transfer should be correct (Swift code).
  • The beneficiary’s account must consist of a valid IBAN, if IBAN is applied in the country receiving the transfer. If IBAN is not applied , the account number must be correct.
  • The purpose of the transfer should be clear.
  • The name of the beneficiary of the transfer of at least 3 clips and without abbreviations.
  • Address of the beneficiary (street name - building number - city - state - PO Box or the nearest reference point).


Receiving transfers

 You can receive bank transfers by providing the sender with the required information to receive the transfer.

(Bank Name/Bank Address/Country/SWIFT Code/IBAN Number/Transfer Purpose)

  • Bank Name: Bank of Baghdad.
  • Bank Address : Baghdad AL Karada – near national theater – mahala 903 st.17 – building 12-Box 3192 Alwiya.
  • Country : Iraq.
  • Swift Code : BABIIQBAXXX.
  • IBAN.
  • Purpose.


  • Prompt service.
  • Guaranteed and secure to receive and send money globally.
  • Transfers can be issued in all foreign currencies.
  • The beneficiary receives transfers from outside Iraq as soon as they are received and from any of our branches located across all Iraqi governorates.